Debut Album
‘Losing Sight of What You Want’

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  • Fireworks magazine:
    “Are these five the new Dutch Masters?”
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  • Progradar:
    “This is a CD that should be finding it into everyone’s collection”
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  • Proggnosis:
    “Recommended indeed!”
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  • ProfilProg:
    “8 out of 10 ”
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  • Jerry Lucky:
    “A Refreshingly Unique and Winning Prog Style”
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  • Progwereld:
    “The Dame weet je precies te geven wat je graag hoort. Losing Sight Of What You Want” is een album vol hartstochtelijke, tijdloze muziek dat zo eerlijk is als goud”.
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  • Pete’s Rock News and Views:
    “With “Losing Sight of What You Want” The Dame have released an album that deserves to be up there with the likes of Steven Wilson, Spock’s Beard etc. It is an album that is peppered with wonderful playing, superb vocals and some of the best Modern Prog you will discover this year”.
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  • DPRP:
    8,5 out of 10 “my vote for the best debut album of 2018”.
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She is sensual, feminine, and smooth… that is, until the guitars start roaring.

The Dame will take you back to the romantic era of the roaring twenties. Hidden back room bars, smokey night clubs, liquor in coffee mugs… when gentlemen were stylish, and ladies were sexy chic.

We like to describe our music as the sexy version of progressive rock.

Time to drink champagne and dance on the table!


September 21th –  Progdreams VIII, Boerderij Zoetermeer
Visit the website

February 26th – The Robin 2, Bilston (UK) – Visit the website

The Dame will be playing together with the band IT – Visit their website


February 29th –  Nambucca, Holloway road, London
Visit the website


March 1st –   1865, Brunswick Square, Southampton
As special guest of This Winter Machine – Visit the website


April 6th –  British Prog Invasion XL, Duycker Amstelveen

February 23th – PopRadar (HPC Cafe) Den Haag, Burntfield & The Dame

September 23th
 –  In ‘t Blok, Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel, as support for Franck Carducci

September 22nd     –  Parkroadcafe – Den Haag, NL

July 7th – Zeeheldenfestival – Den Haag 

February 4th – Haags Pop Centrum, Den Haag

February 11th – Boerderij Cafe, Zoetermeer

February 16th – Pathé Buitenhof, Den Haag – Album Release Party